What to Expect When your Cat is Pregnant

Source: Photo by Kote Puerto on Unsplash

If you are a cat lover and love to see your cat breeding and extending the family, you need to be well aware of the pregnancy period of the cat and what happens during this time period. Even though cat pregnancy is considerably easily recognizable and taken care as compared with many other pets, it needs utmost care and attention during the gestation period and after birth. Cat’s being very close to humans, love to get attention, pampering and care during this particular time period of gestation.

As with many other mammals, it is difficult to say whether a cat is pregnant or not during the 1st week of gestation. This is because, she won’t be showing much visible symptoms of pregnancy and behavior also will remain the same.
In the next few weeks, if you suspect your cat to be pregnant, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to check her nipples.

You can do this during the normal regular oral checkup, cleaning time or during the health checkup time. After about 3 weeks of gestation, cats will have their nipples turned pink in color. This is a good indication that the cat is pregnant.

Mostly this is clearly visible when she is getting pregnant for the 1st time in her life.
After this period it will take almost another 6 weeks our more to deliver her sweet little kittens... i.e. a gestation period of almost 2 month (8weeks). Even though you can clearly identify the pregnancy from such simple symptoms, it is always better to get it confirmed by your vet.

Once they are under the pregnancy period, they become quieter and love to sleep more than usual. Their heat cycles will be suspended for the time being and their interest in male cats will be lost. The domestic cats that used to love walking and roaming outside will tend to spend much of its time back inside home, mostly sleeping as mentioned just a second ago.

Gaining weight is normal during the pregnancy period and visible weight gain is seen usually till the fifth week of gestation. After the 5th week, the nipples will also grow to a considerable size and will be ready to lactate once the kittens are out.
As with their appetite, they will love to eat more during this period and it is pretty good for the mother’s health too. You need to feed her with more food, but don’t over feed her. Mixing her food with kitten food is good before delivery days. It is also seen that the expecting mother cat drops their appetite at about the 5th week of gestation.

Knowing the cat pregnancy in detail will enable you in taking care of the mother cat and the babies safely, sound and smooth during and after the period of gestation and delivery.

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