How to Potty Train your Cat

Source: Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Did you ever dream that your favorite and adorable precious cat would do his poo in your human toilet and not in the cat litter box? You might have seen this kind of act in the movies and on TV, but you wonder how exactly this could be done. Aren’t cats stubborn creatures, with a mind of their own? Can they actually be potty trained?

There is a way to do it, but you have to have loads of patience.
The first thing is, if at all possible, dedicate a toilet, and yes a real toilet for your cat.
The second thing to do is very simple and logical. Just take the cat litter box and place it next to the toilet. Leave it there for a day or so. Let your cat get used to the idea that her litter box and the toilet are close to each other and nonthreatening to one another.

Next, raise the level of the litter box from the floor. Do this a little bit at a time by placing thick books like a phone books if you have some, to put under it.
Do not substitute a box for the books, not yet anyway. This is because a box is naturally taller than a couple of books. You do not want to create a new and unfamiliar situation. The rise in the height of the box from the floor must be very, very small each time. Do not threaten your cat unnecessarily by changing the box’s height abruptly. Do it as gradually as possible. Patience is the best way you are going going to get your cat to do this for you.

As the litter box’s height increases, take off a bit of litter from the box. Again, do this gradually. This is because you do not want to create anything unfamiliar to your cat. After a few days, the height of the box should now be close to the height of the toilet. And if all is right, your cat will do her stuff in her box, as usual. Take care to ensure that the box is secure, because as its height increases, it may fall when your cat jumps onto it, and will mess the whole process up.
Now, move the box nearer to the toilet seat. Gradually that is, until it is about one inch into the toilet seat, and later, directly over the seat. By this time, the amount of litter in the box should be very, very little.

At this point, your cat should already have the idea that she should urinate and defecate in the toilet area. The real transition now begins, where you use a ‘training toilet’ and keep decreasing the amount of litter in the box.

Specifically built commercial cat potty training devices can help you at this stage of the training. Each comes with instructions, which you must follow closely. You must always pay attention to your cat’s safety, because in doing this and if the training toilet is not placed securely, your cat might fall into the toilet bowl.

There will come the ‘moment of truth’ when you finally remove the training toilet altogether. If you carry out the training well, your cat can figure out what to do next.
The whole process is a slow one, and all the while, you might be wondering if your cat will ever get it. That is a valid concern, but you really do not have much to lose, other than a bit of your time in the weeks that this training is carried out, and it's a pretty cool trick to show your guests!

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